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MAPEDA is a company that develops then markets products and services based on its patented DisponiBox® technology. These tools help their users to make decisions and save resources (battery, wear and tear,...).

By replacing the user at the center of his decisions, we make him free to make his choices. The energy savings achieved thanks to VeQa make it possible to fight against the programmed obsolescence of your devices. Our approach is therefore based on an ethical and ecological approach.



Until now our DisponiBox® technology has been used for projects such as intelligent buildings or for a specific public such as helping to maintain patients' health. To make our technology accessible to all, we want to develop VeQa, dedicated to the users of smartphones and tablets.

VeQa, our tech

Did you know that all the products and services you use have a certain level of hidden quality ? However, this data is generally known by suppliers and manufacturers.

Our VEQA solution makes this quality visible by measuring its level in real time. VEQA advises users how to keep this quality at the highest possible level and avoid problems.

The objectives of VEQA (Visible Eco Quality Apps) are to maintain user comfort and reduce resource consumption (extending equipment life, energy consumption, lost time, etc.).

The project

VEQA is designed for smartphone and tablet users to help them optimize the use of their equipment. It measures product capabilities and the quality of telecommunications services.

It will cover :

Monitoring of the following services :

  1. Internet access for video, navigation and messaging
  2. Voice communication capabilities
  3. Fast delivery of small messages such as SMS and MMS

How your equipment works :

  1. The battery
  2. The operating speed
  3. Hardware/software configuration
  4. Connectivity with external devices

VeQa benefits


Indicates the possibilities of your device and your network BEFORE USAGE


Saves you time and energy by avoiding unsuccessful attempts (fruitless trials)


Preserves your comfort of use through support and assistance


Helps to expand your device’s life expectancy by acting against its obsolescence (memory, battery, connectors,…)


Saves energy by controlling the real capacity of your device

Principle of operation

Manufacturers shall provide their consumers with general information on components. They do not monitor them, and do not provide alerts regarding their use, component wear and tear or potential failure. VEQA will monitor the identified components to inform the user of their proper operation and provide advice in the event of failure.

Exemple – use of the product :

I have to charge my phone every night. I get angry, I think the battery is defective and I will still have to change my device. VEQA informs me that the state of wear of my battery is 65% (quite acceptable) and that the problem does not come from there but probably from an energy consuming application running in the background. I can solve my problem calmly.

Exemple – service usage :

The network icon is grey. I think I can’t make my phone call so VEQA only informs me that yes, I can.


(non-contractual images, the design of the interface is not definitive)



widget display on the home screen



Displaying the application



Determination of the parameters of the device to be monitored

Our technology


VeQa is the adaptation for mobile devices of Disponibox technology

According to the usual definition, "availability" is a measure of capacity for an operation. It corresponds to the period in which the observed system operates well in proportion to the whole time of operation. We use the concept of availability more precisely to describe the time of operation in optimal conditions of usage and resource consumption.

The DisponiBox® technology measures availability in real time by comparing the observed values of selected parameters with the characteristical values of reference for the system concerned. We propose a quality measure based on the standard availability of products and services in order to make their quality more transparent for users.

Principle of operation

schéma de fonctionnement général de DisponiBox®

l’assistant humain peut entrer en contact avec l’utilisateur ou un aidant


DisponiBox® technology can be adapted to specific domains



Complement to a centralized management of intelligent buildings and domotics



Supports and improves the quality of Telecoms and IT



Supports and improves the quality of transport of persons and goods



Supports to maintain the health of the patients and the medical equipments

pilot project


Convention with ICAM to experiment the technologies based on DisponiBox®

We compare the premises energy consumption and users confort: with DisponiDom™ & DisponiTel™ and without.
The experiment is realized in partnership with ICAM (INSTITUT CATHOLIQUE DES ARTS ET METIERS) Paris Sénart,
to obtain feedback from users and to evaluate the reduction of consumption and the maintenance costs.

Expected Results: 5 to 15 % less resources consumed

schéma des batiment pour le projet pilote de mapeda


1. Analyzing

the needs to adapt the service to the product

2. Testing

le produit et l’intelligence décisionnelle dans un environnement client

3. Validating

the hypothesis of profits return from investments

4. Product's interactivity

on the user’s experience to enhance the product interactivity


Who is this technology tailored for?

  • Those responsible for technical services and maintenance of equipment
  • Technical managers of a building
  • End users of an accommodation (DisponiDom™) and IT systems (DisponiTel™)

What needs does DisponiBox® technology meet?

  • Anticipatory maintenance of the technical environment of the user
  • Optimization of the local environment of the user
  • Assistance in case of services or equipment failure

Expected Results


  • Better working environment for the users
  • Reduction of resource consumption and maintenance costs
  • A complement to the centralized management system of a building and its IT system

Measurable profits

  • Economy of energies, resources and time for managers and users
  • Financially calculable ecological profits due to reduction of pollution and of resource consumption
  • Longer product life-cycle due to anticipative maintenance and optimized usage

Our team


Aleksander Baczko

President & R&D Director

Creator of DisponiBox® technology


Léopold Adjakpa

Products Director

Responsible for DisponiTel™ product line


Maja Baczko

Communication Manager

Web Developer


Our mission

The DisponiBox® technology measures availability in real time by comparing the observed values of selected parameters with the characteristical values of reference for the system concerned. We propose a quality measure based on the standard availability of products and services in order to make their quality more transparent for users.

The objective of MAPEDA is to support constructors and suppliers in improving the quality of their products and/or services to make them more reliable and efficient.

Optimized consumption of resources can be achieved by real-time measuring of essential parameters from the user's point of view. By positioning the user as the decision-maker, MAPEDA improves the quality of life of the users through digital technologies and according to ethical principles. We create activities, work, and resources instead of replacing humans by more and more sophisticated machines. It means to create the activities, the work, the resources economy and not to replace the humans by more and more sophisticated machines.

MAPEDA favors an ecological perspective towards waste diminution and a sustainable economy, which keeps the user at the core of its objectives and bears into account the social responsibility.

  1. Sustainable
    DisponiBox® rationalizes energy consumption, that’s it. In this way, you get less overconsumption for more comfort.
  2. Economical
    DisponiBox® lowers up to 15 % the consumption of energy and resources due to a more reasonable use of products and services.
  3. Ethical
    MAPEDA neither transfers, nor sales collected information on its customers and protect their anonymity. In addition, it keeps the user in a position to decide what is best for him.
  4. Ecological
    DisponiBox® anticipates the failures and reparation of the equipment or service, avoiding final deterioration. It slows down the wearing out of equipment in order to keep the products longer.
  5. Socially Responsible
    MAPEDA creates non-transferable jobs and educates people towards more sustainable behaviors.


Provisional Results 2020 - 2023

schéma des résultats prévisionnels de Mapeda
légende des schéma des résultats prévisionnels de Mapeda

Enrollment plan 2020 - 2023

Plan of direct enrollments: 15 persons and 5 temporary assistants

  • Engineers: 7 for 3 years
  • Doctors: 1 in 2020-2021
  • Technicians: 7 for 3 years

Estimation of indirect enrollments in France: 300

  • Creation of first units for the customer, then training of the customer’s team in his premises to install the next units
  • Cooperation with partners
  • Enrollment of CSAi operators, ...


2015 - 2016

3th trimester 2015 – creation funds of 70 K€:

  • 10K€ private funds
  • 21K€ subvention from BPI France (Bourse French Tech) – 1st part
  • 39K€ credit from BNP Paribas guaranteed by BPI France

8 K€ subvention from BPI France (Bourse French Tech) – 2nd part

2017 – 2020

9K€ private funds

CIR of 34 K€ paid in 2017

2018 - CIR of 18 k€

2019 - CIR of 18 k€

2020 - CIR of 18 k€

2nd semester 2020 - fundraising

Contact us


  • 15 avenue de Norvège – Parc de Courtabœuf
  • 91140 Villebon-sur-Yvette
  • contact@mapeda.com

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